A.A. at Lakeside - A Work in Progress

Alcoholics Anonymous has been serving the international English-speaking community on the north shore of Lake Chapala since the mid-1960s. A member of the Fellowship from Florida put out word that he was looking for other "friends of Bill W.", a reference to one the two founders of A.A. that members sometimes use to identify one another without having to break anonymity. His efforts were rewarded with a new recruit and another Floridian who had been attending meetings in English in Guadalajara.

In time the membership grew in numbers sufficient to rent a meeting place at The Little Chapel in 1986. They called themselves the Lakeside Group and met twice a week; the group moved to the Lake Chapala Society in 2002 and continues to meet there twice a week: Monday and Thursdays at 4:30 p.m. in the Gazebo.

In 1989, a second group formed called Living Sober. Members formed an outside entity called Club 12, which rented and renovated a dilapidated building near the top of Marcos Castellanos in Ajijic, a project that continues as revenues allow. Club 12 rents the facilities for meetings of various 12-step groups - English-speaking A.A. and Al-Anon, Spanish-speaking A.A. and Al-Anon, and Overeaters Anonymous.

Now there are enough English-speaking "friends of Bill W." at Lakeside to support meetings seven days a week in Ajijic and weekly in Chapala and San Nicolas de Ibarra. Because the majority of local members, as well as snowbirds, are retirees from north of the border, the meetings are held mornings and afternoons and last an hour. International tourists and members from other parts of Mexico come here to enjoy the easy access to meetings as they travel. Lakeside is an A.A vacation destination!
Alcoholics Anonymous at Lakeside