LOCATIONS LCS Lake Chapala Society, Ajijic

Corner of Marcos Castellanos/Ramon Corona, and 16th of Septiembre
Enter thru the South gate by the lake

Ian: 376-766-4990

Open discussion meetings, 4:00-5:00 pm, Monday and Thursday

Ask almost anyone and you can get directions to this popular community center one block from the lake.

Walkers can take Marcos Castellanos from the carretera (main road) straight down to the LCS main entrance at 16th de Septiembre.

Drivers can find it most easily by heading down (south) from the Guadalajara Farmacia on J. Encarnacion Rosas (two-way street), turning right on 16th de Septiembre, and going two long blocks. LCS is on the SE corner. Street parking can be tight during the snow birds season but more parking is available by the lake.

The after-hours entrance is the south gate by the lake. An AA sign hangs on the gate before the meetings. The meetings are held in the gazebo. On Google Maps the address is Del Paseo LB but there are no street signs. This entrance on the south side of LCS is the only gate open during meeting hours. Ring the bell if the gate is closed.
Clich here for Google map location of the meetings at LCS